COVID entry requirements in Turkey

Turkey offers a captivating blend of traditional charm and modern vibrancy, making it an ideal destination. Among its highlights, the remarkable Blue Mosque and splendid Hagia Sophia stand out, alongside attractions like the Mausoleum of Atatürk and picturesque Kleopatra Beach.

COVID entry requirements in Turkey

When considering a travel to Turkey, it's essential to be informed about the latest COVID entry requirements. Keep reading for further insights.

Important Note: International arrivals, encompassing both Turkish citizens and non-nationals, are now exempt from the mandatory completion of the Turkey Public Health Passenger Locator Form.

Latest COVID-19 entry requirements in Turkey

Turkey has lifted COVID-19 restrictions. Travellers arriving in Turkey are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination status or PCR test results. 

Requirements for COVID-19 Vaccination

Presenting COVID-19 vaccination certificates is not obligatory for entry into Turkey, ensuring that your vaccination status does not impact your eligibility to visit. However, as circumstances can evolve rapidly, we suggest staying updated on the latest Turkey travel information through your local embassy.

While vaccination isn't mandated, obtaining travel or medical insurance prior to your Turkey journey is recommended. This step will provide coverage for any potential medical requirements you might encounter during your travels.

Is a COVID-19 Test Necessary Before Entering Turkey?

Presently, COVID-19 tests are not compulsory for entry into Turkey. Pre-departure testing requisites, including the display of negative PCR or antigen test results, have been eliminated. Therefore, you are not obligated to provide such test results upon entering the country.

Is Quarantine Mandatory Upon Entry to Turkey?

At present, Turkey does not impose quarantine mandates for either international or domestic travellers, irrespective of their vaccination status. Regardless of vaccination status, there are no quarantine requirements in place. However, should you experience any symptoms while travelling, it is advisable to self-isolate within your accommodation and undertake appropriate precautions.

Which Documents are Necessary for Travelling to Turkey?

For entry into Turkey, there is no requirement to complete the Turkey Passenger Locator Form. However, if eligible, remember to apply for Turkey visa.

Turkey's government has introduced an entirely digital visa process. The Turkey eVisa serves as an electronic authorization for entry, equivalent to a visa. Notably, no physical stamp or label is affixed to the passport; only entry and exit stamps are placed upon arrival and departure.

Which Documents are Necessary for Travelling to Turkey?

Do kids require any COVID-19 measures before entering Turkey?

Children under the age of 12 are not required to provide a negative COVID-19 test result or undergo any specific COVID-19 measures before entering Turkey. However, it's important to stay informed about any changes in the entry requirements, as regulations can evolve.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers Regarding COVID-19 Entry Requirements in Turkey

  • Are COVID-19 vaccination certificates mandatory for entry into Turkey?

No, COVID-19 vaccination certificates are not required for entry. Turkey allows entry regardless of vaccination status.

  • Is a pre-departure COVID-19 test necessary before travelling to Turkey?

No, Turkey does not mandate pre-departure COVID-19 testing for entry. Negative PCR or antigen test results are not required.

  • Are there quarantine requirements upon arrival in Turkey?

Currently, there are no quarantine mandates for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers entering Turkey. However, self-isolation is advised if symptoms occur.

  • What documents are needed to visit Turkey?

The Turkey Passenger Locator Form is not necessary. However, eligible travellers must apply for a Turkish eVisa, an electronic authorization that replaces physical visa stamps.

  • How can I contact customer service for further assistance?

Our 24/7 customer service team is available to address any queries about Turkey's COVID-19 entry requirements or the Turkish eVisa process.


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