Aras Mountains: A Beloved Haven for Climbing Enthusiasts

Nestled in eastern Turkey, the Aras mountain range stands majestic with towering peaks, some of which exceed 3,200 meters above sea level. Serving as a magnet for nature enthusiasts and mountaineers, this rugged terrain has become a hub for climbing expeditions and nature escapades.

Geographical Overview

The Aras mountain range spans across the states of Iğdır and Ağrı. Boasting peaks that soar over 3,200 meters, the region offers a picturesque canvas of nature's splendor, attracting visitors from Iğdır, its neighboring states, and even beyond.

The Climbing Community's Perspective

Murad Surmeli, the representative of the Mountain Climbers Union in Turkey based in Iğdır, sheds light on the mountain range's significance among the climbing community. According to Surmeli, the area is not only a favored destination for climbing enthusiasts, but the union also plays an active role in fostering this passion. They organize regular climbing activities, sticking to well-trodden paths while occasionally pioneering new trails, giving climbers a blend of familiar and novel experiences.

A Climber's Testament

Ali Tughrul Dogo, an ardent climber, is a testament to the Aras mountain range's allure. Engaging in mountaineering and nature walks weekly, Dogo emphasizes the abundance of mountains in the region that pierce the skies beyond 3,000 meters.



Name of Climber

Ali Tughrul Dogo

Frequency of Climbs



Mountaineering, Nature Walks

Mountain Range

Aras Mountains

Prominent Peaks

Mountains exceeding 3,000 meters above sea level

Personal Testimony

Emphasizes the abundance of towering mountains in the region and passionately invites everyone for exploration.


The Aras mountain range, with its towering peaks, verdant plateaus, and the promise of adventure, remains a cherished destination for those seeking communion with nature and the thrill of climbing. As more and more people heed the call of its wild beauty, the mountains stand tall, ready to offer breathtaking vistas and unforgettable experiences.

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