Over 6 Million Foreign Tourists Expected to Visit Istanbul in 5 Months

Istanbul has always been a magnet for tourists, and the recent numbers indicate an even brighter future for the city's tourism industry.

1. A Steep Increase in Tourist Numbers

In the initial five months of this year, Istanbul witnessed a 19% rise in foreign tourist arrivals compared to the same timeframe in 2022. This growth signifies the city's continuing allure and the global travel industry's robust recovery.

2. Detailed Statistics on Tourist Influx

By the end of May this year, the foreign tourist count in Istanbul reached an impressive 6,276,481 individuals. To put this in perspective:

  • The year 2022 had seen a total of 5,284,714 foreign tourists during its first five months, as per the records of the state’s Directorate of Culture and Tourism.
  • This means there's an increase of nearly one million tourists in just a year.

3. May 2023: A Busy Month for Istanbul

May emerged as a particularly bustling month for the city's tourism scene. Istanbul played host to:

  • 1,505,948 foreign visitors in this single month.
  • Russian travelers took the lead, with a staggering 175,466 visitors.
  • German tourists followed closely with approximately 117,000 visitors.
  • Americans weren't far behind either, contributing to 83,000 of the month's tourist count.


The burgeoning tourist numbers not only underline Istanbul's position as a favorite global destination but also hint at the possibilities of further growth. With attractions ranging from historic landmarks to vibrant cultural festivals, Istanbul remains well-positioned to attract even more visitors in the future. The city's hospitality sector and stakeholders in the tourism industry can look forward to an even busier season ahead.

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