Turkish Government Aims for $100 Billion Tourism Revenue by 2028

Turkish Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Nader Alp Aslan, recently unveiled an ambitious target of reaching $100 billion in tourism revenues by the year 2028. In a press statement delivered on Wednesday in Gaziantep, Alp Aslan outlined the country's determination to ascend the ranks of global tourism and solidify its position as a prominent player in the industry.

Striving for Global Tourism Excellence

In a recent press statement, Turkish Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Nader Alp Aslan, unveiled an audacious target: the country aims to reach $100 billion in tourism revenues by the year 2028. Alp Aslan outlined Turkey's resolute determination to ascend the ranks of global tourism and solidify its position as a prominent player in the industry.

Recovering Strongly Post-Pandemic

Despite the challenging backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey's tourism sector has shown remarkable resilience. Alp Aslan highlighted that, even in the face of adversity, Turkey managed to achieve a record-breaking level of tourism imports amounting to $46 billion. This achievement underscores Turkey's allure as a destination that remains attractive even during challenging times, emphasizing the country's adaptability and readiness to welcome visitors.

  • Resilience Demonstrated: Turkey's tourism sector showcased impressive resilience in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, defying expectations by achieving notable milestones.
  • Record-Breaking Imports: Despite the adverse circumstances, Turkey achieved an exceptional feat by recording tourism imports totaling $46 billion.
  • Continuous Attractiveness: Turkey's ability to maintain its attractiveness as a tourist destination during challenging times highlights its enduring appeal to travelers, indicating a robust foundation for future growth.

The ability to achieve such results amidst adversity illustrates Turkey's commitment to its tourism sector and its capacity to bounce back from significant challenges.

Envisioning a Bright Future for Eastern Turkey

Alp Aslan expressed optimism about the potential of Turkey's eastern region to emerge as a prime tourist attraction in the near future. He articulated his hopes for this region to become a central hub for tourists, drawing visitors with its unique blend of cultural, historical, and natural attractions. This vision aligns with Turkey's broader strategy to diversify its tourism offerings and attract visitors to less-explored but equally captivating areas.

The Pathway to $100 Billion

Setting a target as audacious as $100 billion in tourism revenues by 2028 underscores Turkey's determination to significantly bolster its tourism sector. This goal necessitates a multifaceted strategy that will likely involve:

1. Enhancing Marketing Efforts:

Turkey will likely ramp up its global marketing campaigns to showcase its diverse range of attractions, encouraging more travelers to explore the country's cultural, historical, and natural treasures.

2. Improving Infrastructure:

Investments in tourism-related infrastructure, such as transportation networks, accommodations, and tourist facilities, will be crucial to accommodate the influx of visitors and enhance their experiences.

3. Expanding Hospitality Services:

Strengthening and diversifying the hospitality industry will play a pivotal role in ensuring that visitors have a memorable and comfortable stay, further promoting positive word-of-mouth.

4. Fostering Partnerships:

Collaboration with various stakeholders, both domestically and internationally, will help create a supportive environment for achieving this ambitious goal. Partnerships can range from tour operators to local businesses and governmental bodies.


Turkish Deputy Minister Nader Alp Aslan's proclamation of the country's goal to reach $100 billion in tourism revenues by 2028 reflects Turkey's ambition to become a dominant force in the global tourism arena. Through strategic planning, investments, and a commitment to offering unique and diverse experiences, Turkey aims to solidify its position as a top-tier destination for travelers from around the world. This aspiration not only holds the promise of substantial economic growth but also reaffirms Turkey's place as a vibrant and captivating travel destination.

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